Millions of people every year enjoy cruise vacations. They visit destinations such as the Caribbean, Alaska, the Far East and the Orient even Antarctica and Africa.

Cruising has become an incredibly popular way to travel, with an increasing number of people opting to use this method of travel over any other each year.There are several reasons why cruise traveling has become so popular. It has many benefits over other travel methods.


Here are the top three reasons why choosing to cruise gives a person the best travel value.

The all inclusive price of a cruise covers nearly all costs.

With most other forms of travel, everything is separate. A person must pay for airfare, accommodations, entertainment, taxes, and meals. With a cruise, all of those items are included in the price of the vacation. Land-based all-inclusive resorts may include all of those items as well;

However, cruise trips also include travel between various ports of call.

Add up the costs of other forms of travel and compare them to the price of a cruise ticket, and it will become obvious that a cruise is the better value.

Cruises include onboard entertainment, as well as opportunities for shore excursions. A person who chooses cruise traveling will not have to worry about planning entertainment.

Between shipboard activities and entertainment and the activities available at the ports of call, a person will have plenty to do on a daily basis.

In contrast, planning a traditional vacation is much different. A person must make many decisions about entertainment and activities, both before and during the trip. This hampers a person ability to relax on vacation because he must continually think about what he will do next for entertainment.

Land-based resorts are somewhat better, as there are typically plenty of activities and entertainment available, but since the entertainment does not vary much throughout the vacation, it is not as good of a value as a cruise.

Cruising allows a person to visit many ports of call in a short period of time.

Choosing to cruise lets a person explore many different cities or areas within his vacation time, all without having to worry about the travel.

The person simply retires for the night and then wakes up in the morning in a new location, with the ship having traveled during the night. Best of all, the person does not have to unpack a thing.


With traditional forms of travel and for people who are traveling to a land-based resort, visiting more than one city or area requires much planning and coordination.

A person must take care to book accommodations for each city and, of course, he must pack and unpack his belongings each time he travels to a new locale. A plane ticket or rental car must also be arranged for any travel to another location.

There are so many different types of cruise vacations available; therefore, nearly anyone can find a cruise of his liking. The many benefits of cruising really do give a person the best travel value this is why so many more people are enjoying cruising these days.