The valley of Breckenridge lies in Colorado. The first to discover this masterpiece of nature were the settlers, in the late 1840s during the Gold Rush.

In the 40s all the gold was dried out, but just a few years later, Breckenridge felt another rush – the rush of Skiing. There were just as many visitors then as they are nowadays, and all of them came for one of the reason: the skiing, the trilling or the spilling.


Today, you can’t speak about skiing and not mention Breckenridge, as it is one of the best places in the world to learn to ski (there are over 600 trainers registered in Breckenridge). But not only skiing is available here, but snowboarding as well, with the title of the first place in USA to cater for this ever growing sport.

Perfectly preserved Victorian buildings, in the old mining town, constitute the nucleus of this wondrous resort. A major plus of Breckenridge is its easy accessibility from Denver.

Activities Skiing

The snow here is very long-lasting, due to the high altitude of the slopes. Expert skiers as well as beginners can find here the ideal spot to ski, as there are easy slopes for the beginners as there are difficult ones for those looking for thrills.
breckenridge_skiingPeak 8 and the area surrounding the 9th and 10th is exactly where trainers take the trainees for easy skiing. Peak 7 is meant for the intermediate and the canyon between 8th and 9th, as well as Lake Chutes and the Four O’clock trail (the longest here) are meant for the experts.

Snow boarding

In 2004, Breckenridge celebrated 20 years of snowboarding here. Many personalities in the sport, cam at this anniversary and in the 2004 – 2005 there was added another rail in the Freeway Super Park. Here you can find four different terrain parks, not less than four different halfpipes, and the thing any snowboarder is looking for:

The Superpipe with 2.5 meters tall walls. Many different magazines found the Freeway Terrain Park as being on of the best in its category.

Lodging Here at Breckenridge

You can find a host of offers for lodging options: breakfast inns, comfortable homes and condominiums and, of course, large hotels with even larger beds. There is a place for everybody, here.


What many people don’t know is that the summer is almost better than the winter, here at Breckenridge. For instance, there are four great golf courses. They have unsurpassed scenery and the most important – tricky holes.

The driveways are also very tight due to the small golf usable space. Another perk of playing golf at 2,700 meters altitude, is that, due the thing air, you can see your ball fly for great distances.

Moutain Bike


Due to the great terrain, mining heritage and spectacular scenery, this is a perfect place for biking. Some would even call it a “biker’s paradise.” There is biking in the dense forests as well on peaks at over 2,800 meters. Folks here are used to mountain bikers during the summer, so you won’t have a problem finding bikes to rent for your entire family.

There is a bonus – the all winter ski trail systems are modified to carry your bike up top, so you won’t have to tire yourself climbing.

Have fun!

Whether you decide to go in the winter or during the summer, Breckenridge won’t let you down. A personal suggestion, though: try going both in the summer as in the winter. You won’t regret it.